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The Quinquennial Review

The Kidney Fund & The SWT Institute for Renal Research
The Kidney Fund

The Kidney Fund (AKA the South West Thames Kidney Fund) is dedicated to supporting research into kidney disease and educating professionals in the field to produce scientists and clinicians able to improve the care and treatment of those suffering from kidney disease. Every 5 years the Kidney Fund undertakes a review of its activities. The interval between reviews may be adjusted under extenuating circumstances.

Purpose of Review

The review aims to assess if the Kidney Fund’s resources are being used in an appropriate and effective manner.

The Reviewers

The review is carried out by a panel of 5 to 7 individuals who are respected by their peers and have expertise in the fields of nephrology and/or scientific research.

Remit of Review

The Kidney Fund is a single institute charity supporting the work of the South West Thames Institute for Renal Research (SWTIRR). Applications for core funding of SWTIRR are reviewed by the Trustees and the Scientific Director is questioned about the details of the application. Applications for projects costing less than £30,000 are subject to internal peer review. Hence, the panel are expected to determine whether the funds are being used productively.

Some of the criteria that should be considered by the Quinquennial Review are listed below.

  • The work of SWTIRR should generate new knowledge concerning renal function or renal dysfunction. Some research ideas may be translated into new products and services that can benefit patients with renal diseases.
  • Where appropriate, information generated by the activities of SWTIRR should be used as evidence to influence policy.
  • An important element of the activities of SWTIRR is education that develops human capacity to carry out future research.
  • The resources of the Kidney Fund are limited and hence SWTIRR should use its activities to develop projects and hypotheses that will allow further research funding applications and external partnerships.
  • SWTIRR should use its resources to formulate plans to help sustain its future.
Outcome of Review

The Review panel will be requested to provide a written document, the Review Report, summing up their conclusions and including any recommendations.

The Review Report will be circulated to the Trustees of The Kidney Fund and The Board of the Institute. The Kidney Fund will decide on any actions to be carried out after consulting with the Board of the Institute.