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Please leave the South West Thames Kidney Fund
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With your help we can find a cure for Kidney Disease


Please consider leaving a legacy to the South West Thames Kidney Fund to ensure that our essential research into Kidney Disease may continue.  If you are planning on leaving us a legacy it would be helpful for us to know so that we may plan for the future.  You can download a strictly confidential Legacy Pledge Form here.   Every gift, no matter how large or small, will make a difference to present and future generations.  The different types of legacies are explained here.


The lives of many people, and those close to them, are seriously affected by kidney disease.  Kidney failure is an extremely debilitating illness, the two main causes being diabetes and high blood pressure.  Cases of kidney disease are rising rapidly each year.  Some patients recover, but most kidney diseases are incurable.  Kidney disease can be inherited and passed down through the generations.  Some patients end up needing regular dialysis and some have successful transplants.  Sadly, many others have died.

“I have an incurable kidney condition which has ultimately led to dialysis and I am currently awaiting a kidney transplant.  I face many hours of each week given over to dialysis.  This has a huge impact not only on my life, but also on the life of my family who help me cope with the physical deterioration caused by kidney failures, and with the black moment when one wonders where this is all going to end”.

What can be done to stop this?

RESEARCH is the only answer to find a prevention or a cure.

How can you help?

You can help fund Kidney Disease Research by remembering the South West Thames Kidney Fund in your will.

We will use your legacy to:

    • Improve the quality of life of those suffering with kidney disease
    • Finance equipment and research projects
    • Support research into the improved diagnosis, alleviation and cure of end stage renal failure
    • Improve the understanding of renal pathology
    • Improve the care of renal patients
    • Improve the treatment of renal disease
    • Train and stimulate scientific, nursing and medical staff


Make  INVESTING IN KIDNEY HEALTH  your legacy for the future!

“Knowing that there are research charities such as the South West Thames Kidney Fund working very hard raising funds for kidney disease research helps me stay positive while I face an uncertain future.  Without the knowledge that there is hope through research, the future would look very bleak”.


If you need to make a will, your first step is to talk to a solicitor.  You will receive sound professional advice and peace of mind that your wishes will be achieved.  You may find it helpful in choosing a solicitor to visit The Law Society.  You may also find wording helpful.


If you already have a will and would now like to include a gift to the South West Thames Kidney Fund, this can be done using a Codicil.  A codicil need not change the terms of your current will, it can simply add a new instruction.  Please consult with your solicitor or advisor before completing the form.


If you would like further information, please email or you may reach us by telephone on +44 (0)208 296 3698.


Thank you for thinking of the South West Thames Kidney Fund
in this special way.