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research funding strategy

Please read the following for a general overview of our research funding strategy:


The South West Thames Kidney Fund (the Kidney Fund) is established to provide relief to persons suffering from kidney diseases or disability by providing or assisting in the provision of amenities and equipment for the benefit of the South West Thames Regional Renal Unit and to promote research and publish useful results.


In order to achieve these aims the Fund believes it should target:

  • an improved understanding of the aetiology of the disease
  • develop expertise in the field of renal research
  • disseminate the results of its research to others working in the field
  • educate the public


To this end we specifically fund:

  • research into novel patient education programmes likely to empower patients to be involved in controlling their disease
  • improved testing for earlier and more detailed detection of the disease and identification of people likely to develop renal disease
  • identification of potential targets for therapeutic intervention to arrest or reverse the disease process
  • the development of therapeutics to exploit these results


To achieve the above aims and objectives, the Kidney Fund supports a number of different schemes:

  • Core support funding to the South West Thames Institute for Renal Research
  • Training programmes to stimulate scientific, nursing and medical staff (PhD, MD, MSc, MPhil, studentships, etc.)
  • Project grants
  • Seed funding
  • Equipment Grants
  • Travel Bursaries (click to download further information)


To qualify for a grant, research proposals have to meet the following criteria:

  • Excellence – all proposals undergo peer-review
  • Relevance – proposal is pertinent to the aims of the Kidney Fund
  • Originality – proposals do not unnecessarily duplicate other known work
  • Need for support – funding is not obviously or more appropriately obtainable from elsewhere
  • Likelihood to succeed – applicants have a track record of success in the proposal area


All awards by the Kidney Fund are subject to annual review after award (or shorter period if deemed appropriate by the Funding Committee) for continuation of support. Grant holders will be expected to demonstrate progress by:

  • Novel findings
  • Improvements in practice, policy or personal development
  • Improvements of health benefits
  • Identification of future potential


The South West Thames Kidney Fund believes this strategy will provide the best prospect of success in better prevention, in improving the care and treatment of renal patients, and in moving towards the development of better or curative therapies for this group of diseases.