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Lamb Chops with Redcurrant & Mint Sauce

Note:  The fat and calorie content value will vary depending on how well the chops are trimmed.


Serves 4

4              Lean lamb chops, any cut (approx. 140g each)
4  tbsp    Redcurrant jelly
1  tbsp    Mint sauce
1 tbsp     Lemon juice
4  tbsp    Water



1.   Mix the redcurrant jelly, mint sauce, lemon juice and water together in an ovenproof dish.
2.  Trim the chops and place in the dish with the sauce, turning to coat each chop well.
3.  Bake uncovered in a pre-heated oven at 180C (Gas mark 4) for 35-40 minutes until the lamb is tender.  The sauce may need to be thickened with cornflour mixed with a little water before serving.


Serve with …. boiled potatoes and a boiled vegetable of your choice.


recipe printed by permission